About Us

Journey In Industry - Moving Towards Smart & Active Next Generation Very Adorable , Realistic & Concrete Level

Our History

In a very short period of time, Indiana earned a respectable position in the Market, gained confidence buyers & Suppliers with responsible sales & service support by our Indiana team with individual approach. Our journey started from 2006 as a Danfoss Service provider & Authorized sales channel partner continued till 2015, got very good support from Danfoss & team.
But still understand & found there is a gap between Seller {Principle Company - Buyer1 (Dealer or Distribution) - Buyer2 (End User)} like services, availability of products, Communication, Market reach & product selection.
Overcome this GAP find a solution of Online Platform reach towards end users to try to fill the gap to some extent throughout our digitised service platform with Launching the e-commerce online trading B2B platform in 2021 as a “Indiana Cart” along with various services.

Our Mission

Indiana focusing & establishing long term relationship with a big wholesale distributor in cooperation with leading manufacturers, dealers, distributors, individuals, small entrepreneurs, service providers etc through our B2B e-commerce platform to serve the corporates & end users.

Our Vision

Indiana cooperates with leading manufacturing companies and represents itself as a reliable, responsible and professional customer. Such a selective and professional approach to the selection of worldwide suppliers guarantees that clients and final customers will operate up-to-date equipment exhibiting excellent performance and meeting high consumer expectations.

Our Goal

Reach towards the Excellence in Industry with maximum serve.

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